The Malaysian and Singaporean Student Association (MSSA) is committed to promote integration and understanding among Malaysian and Singaporean students at the University of Houston. MSSA was established in the University of Houston to furnish cultural, social information and programs regarding Malaysia and Singapore for those interested in these two countries.

A recognized student organization, MSSA was formally established to help new Malaysian and Singaporean students get acquainted with the University of Houston. MSSA also aims to ease the anxiety of new Malaysian and Singaporean students as they learn to adjust to the life in Houston. In addition to that, MSSA provides information about University of Houston to prospective students who are considering the University as the place for thier tertiary education.

Although MSSA is mostly composed of Malaysians and Singaporeans, it also welcomes non-Malaysians and non-Singaporeans who are interested and require assistance. Occasionally, MSSA will organize activities to share the culture of Malaysia and Singapore, and delicacies with the University of Houston community.